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Updated : July 2018


Orpheum; named after the old theatrical vaudevillian circuit, formed from the ashes of different bands in 2010. Based in London, UK.

Fronted by the mesmerising Erin Johnson, melodic guitar of Finlay Thomson and the thunderous drums of Andy Thomson, they have combined gothic, progressive and symphonic metal to create their dramatic music. Some influences include Within Temptation, Gothminister and Dream Theater.


On 24th June 2016 the band's debut album "Darkness and Decay" was released through the Official Orpheum Store, iTunes, Google Play, Amazon Music and Spotify, having tour and festival dates booked for 2016/2017 for around the UK to promote the album.


"If heavy metal isn't only about playing fast and loud, some genres show the melodic, technical and obscure side of what heavy rock can bring to us.. With songs full of feeling and combined with heavy riffs. 9/10"
- Roadie Crew Heavy Metal and Classic Rock Magazine - September 2016

This marked the band's second release, when after renaming the band to Orpheum in 2010, they worked on and released their first EP "Treason" in March 2012 and went on to play in and around London during that year. During this time they were booked to support bands such as November-7 and Edguy while interviewed by websites such as

Due to singer Erin having to undergo an operation at the beginning of 2013 and a member parting ways with the band, they headed back to the studio to work on their debut album, until former Silent Cry member Phillipe Dutra joined the Orpheum family in 2014.

At the break of 2015, the band's debut album was announced, along with the title track being released online. The year saw the band back performing live again since 2012 and for the first time at venues across the UK, including the Northern Symphony Festival, Bladefest and Darker Days Festival 2017. The Darker Days Festival marked the last time keyboard player Mars Martin would perform with the band, leaving after 8 years together. The band went on to perform at The Quinphonic Festival 5 2017 and the Darker Days Festival 2018 with a guest bassist and without bass player Phillipe Dutra; who the band announced would not be returning. Orpheum are set to perform a few limited dates during 2018, while working on their next release.




Orpheum 2015

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Erin Johnson Orpheum

Erin Johnson (300 dpi)


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Orpheum Logo No BG

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Orpheum 2015
Erin Johnson Orpheum
Fin Thomson Orpheum
Andy Thomson Orpheum
Orpheum 2017
Orpheum Erin Johnson - Quinphonic Festival 5 2017
Orpheum 2016
Orpheum Erin Johnson - Quinphonic Festival 5 2017
Orpheum Fin Thomson - Darker Days Festival 2017
Orpheum Andy Thomson - Quinphonic Festival 5 2017
Orpheum Erin Johnson - Quinphonic Festival 5 2017
Orpheum Erin Johnson - Darker Days Festival 2018




Darkness and Decay (Album 2016) Reviews

"If heavy metal isn't only about playing fast and loud, some genres show the melodic, technical and obscure side of what heavy rock can bring to us. The progressive gothic metal British band Orpheum is an example of that. With songs full of feeling and combined with heavy riffs, Erin Johnson (vocals), Finlay Thomson (guitar), Andy Thomson (drums), Mars Martin (keyboard) and the Brazilian Phillipe Dutra (bass guitar) benefit from good technic.." (Translated from Portuguese)

"Orpheum instead have eschewed strings and gone for an almost Wurlitzer sounding organ to add texture to their dark tales. It gives them a theatrical element that they definitely use to their advantage."

"Paradise Lost imagery, a sprinkling of Delain, a touch of Therion and some ethereal Anathema sounds..."

"Orpheum have released a noteworthy debut album and 'Darkness And Decay' is a credit to the band which gives them the ideal platform to build on. The tracks are well written, executed and produced, if you like your Metal with a darker, Gothic edge this album is definitely for you and well worth adding to your Cd collection. If you haven't heard of Orpheum before be sure to check out them out using the links below, you won't be sorry. Highly Recommended Listening..."

"Darkness And Decay fantastic and very sparkling album. I like  No Way Through to that perpetual organ that almost creates a Hammer film-like atmosphere. But the mysterious atmosphere Said The Spider , the aforementioned and most progressive and also longest song Porcelain Doll and the concluding triptych Memento Vivere . Actually, I love the whole album..." (Translated from Dutch)

"Proof that the British Female Fronted Rock & Metal scene is buzzing. Erin has an awesome operatic vocal style and there are stand out cuts a plenty, including ‘Treason’ (featured on their EP), the rather kool ‘Said The Spider’ (a track I do rather like), the epic, complex and majestic 10 minute plus ‘Porcelain Doll’ (also on the EP) and the closing threesome of ‘Memento Vivere’, ‘Memento Vivere’ (Cello Lament) and ‘Memento Vivere’ (Choral). Overall, this is a superb offering from this London band and well worth a purchase."

Live Reviews

"The bass was heavy, the drums were dark and the guitar was loud and when they all combined, they made sweetly depressing music, music which the crowd very much enjoyed."

"Orpheum performed with such intoxicating energy and the crowd were with them every step of the way. On top of an amazing performance, Orpheum treated the Birmigham crowd to news that their much-anticipated, long-awaited debut album Darkness And Decay is now available for pre-order and will be released on June 24th this year."

"Mind blown by a superb performance from @orpheumband tonight at #scruffys"

"Up first at The Haunts tonight we have gothic progressive metallers Orpheum stepping up after Desolate Pathway pulled out. The 5 piece have a good dynamic, I really like the vocal work between frontwoman Erin Johnson and keyboardist Mars Martin, overall a good performance despite some sound issues and they have got some pretty good songs too. I look forward to seeing what more is to come in the future, and will hopefully catch them again soon! (6/10)"

"Orpheum kick off tonight's proceedings with their own brand of Prog-tinged Gothic Rock. This atmoshepric five-piece are led by snake-hipped front woman Erin Johnson whose glass-shattering high notes and piercing, soul-puncturing stare keeps your attention firmly in place. Every member is committed to creating an atmospheric fog that fills the whole venue, helped by some mesmerising lead guitar work from Fin Thomson. Flitting between the radio-friendliness and a heavier, distorted sound, Orpheum show that they are no one-trick pony, even including a maddening drum solo from their masked sticksman. This is a strong opening act and hopefully more of the same will follow."





London based Gothic Progressive Metal band Orpheum’s theatrical debut album "Darkness and Decay" was released on 24th June 2016, through their Official Store ( and digitally through iTunes, Google Play, Spotify Amazon Music and most digital stores.

The band performed at venues and festivals around the UK in 2016, 2017 and 2018 to promote the album.


"Darkness and Decay" Track Listing:

01. Darkness and Decay

02. Treason

03. No Way Through

04. Broken Glass Kiss

05. Said the Spider

06. Porcelain Doll

07. Eden

08. Memento Vivere

09. Memento Vivere (Cello Lament)

10. Memento Vivere (Choral)

Official Lyric video taken from the album:


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