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London based Gothic Progressive Metal band Orpheum’s theatrical debut album "Darkness and Decay" was released on 24th June 2016, through their Official Store (http://store.orpheum.co) and digitally through iTunes, Google Play, Spotify Amazon Music and most digital stores.

They shall be performing at venues and festivals around the UK to promote the album, with dates booked for 2016 and 2017.


"Darkness and Decay" Track Listing:

01. Darkness and Decay

02. Treason

03. No Way Through

04. Broken Glass Kiss

05. Said the Spider

06. Porcelain Doll

07. Eden

08. Memento Vivere

09. Memento Vivere (Cello Lament)

10. Memento Vivere (Choral)

Official Lyric video taken from the album:


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Orpheum; named after the old theatrical vaudevillian circuit, formed from the ashes of different bands in 2010. Based in London, UK.

Fronted by the mesmerising Erin Johnson, melodic guitar of Finlay Thomson, pounding bass of Phillipe Dutra and the thunderous drums of Andy Thomson, they have combined gothic, progressive and symphonic metal to create their dramatic music. Some influences include Within Temptation, Gothminister and Dream Theater.


On 24th June 2016 the band's debut album "Darkness and Decay" was released through the Official Orpheum Store, iTunes, Google Play, Amazon Music, Spotify and more, with tour and festival dates booked for 2016/2017 for around the UK to promote the album.


"If heavy metal isn't only about playing fast and loud, some genres show the melodic, technical and obscure side of what heavy rock can bring to us.. With songs full of feeling and combined with heavy riffs. 9/10"
- Roadie Crew Heavy Metal and Classic Rock Magazine - September 2016

This marks the band's second release. In 2012, the band announced their EP “Treason”, creating a limited pre-order edition, all of which were snapped up within the first few days. The band received an excellent reaction from a growing fanbase while performing at venues in and around London, including being asked to support bands such as November-7 and Edguy while interviewed by websites such as terrorizer.com.

Due to singer Erin undergoing an operation and a band member leaving in 2013, the band went on a hiatus through the rest of that year and through 2014. During this time they continued to work on their debut album until former Silent Cry member Phillipe Dutra joined the Orpheum family. At the break of 2015, the album “Darkness and Decay” was announced accompanied by the title track; made available on SoundCloud, YouTube and selected for two Metal compilation CDs. The band performed live around the UK in 2015 with tour dates for 2016 booked including the Northern Symphony Festival, Bladefest and Darker Days Festival 2017. The Darker Days Festival marked the last time keyboard player Mars Martin would perform with the band, leaving after 8 years together and leaving the band to continue as a four piece.


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